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Pub (noun, singular): Business where alcoholic drinks and food are served.
Synonyms: bar, drinking establishment, inn, joint, lounge, public house, saloon, taproom, tavern.

PubGoer (noun, singular): One who visits a pub.

PubGoer.com: An experiment. A work in progess. We hope someday to bring you a comprehensive list of pubs, bars, clubs and off-licences in Ireland, along with an extensive list of beers, cocktails, spirits and wines. We also hope to make it a fun social experience where pubgoing enthusiasts from around the world can be united through their love of Ireland and alcohol. In the much longer term, we hope to list pubs from across the world in our pub directory.

Check out our Pub Map of Ireland.

Pub Map of IrelandAlthough Ireland is relatively small it contains one of the highest, if not the highest, ratio of pubs to people in the whole world!

Use this map to for a quick view of pubs across Ireland.

Upcoming events in Dublin

  • Wilbury at Darkey Kelly's
    Tuesday 29th April 2014 - Starts at 8:00pm
    Darkey Kelly's: Dublin, City Centre South

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